Len Mattano

Literary & Inspirational Suspense Novelist

Celtic Crossing

A Novel by Len Mattano

Aideen Callaghan and her grandson are the last of a long Irish lineage plagued by cancer. The boy now lies dying. Desperate for a miraculous cure, she sets an historian priest and a shepherd seminarian on a quest to find the holy relic that inspired the Celtic cross—but disappeared to history in 1866.

It is a quest into the unexpected.

"How do you expect to find it if we're not allowed to look?"


"Wistfully beautiful."

John Jude Palencar, master American artist and illustrator

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“To read this novel is to embark on a pilgrimage that takes us to an unexpected and holy place.”

Suzanne M. Wolfe, award-winning novelist

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“For a refreshing touch of spiritual reawakening, reward yourself with Celtic Crossing.”

Raymond J. Hutchinson, MS, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Michigan

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"Move over Andrew Greeley! Here is a novelist with your talents and multi-layer plotting, the sort of which you would be proud."

Paul L. Maier, PhD, Professor of Ancient History (Em.), Western Michigan University, and best-selling novelist

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"Mattano makes a moving debut with this story set in contemporary Ireland that...will be of interest to faith readers who enjoyed The Da Vinci Code but prefer lower stakes."

Publishers Weekly

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