Historical Events

33 Crucifixion of Jesus

44 Martyrdom of James the apostle; Mary Magdalene fled to Gaul

314 Council of Arles; Donatism condemned

457 Church founded at Ard Mhacha [Armagh] by Padraig

474 Drum Criaidh oratory built by Brigid; later christened Cill Dara [Kildare] Abbey

476 Fall of Rome; Romulus Augustulus deposed by Flavius Odoacer

477 Gallarus oratory established; creation of the Celtic cross

512 Skellig Michael monastery established

519 Cóemgen departed Gleann Dá Lough [Glendalough] for pilgrimage to Rome

576 Stained-glass window based on Brigid illustration crafted at Kildare

1191 Ballinskelligs Abbey established

1517 Protestant Reformation

1578 Priory at Ballinskelligs Abbey dissolved by Queen Elizabeth I

1861 Vittorio Emanuele II proclaimed king of Italy

1866 Italian Third War of Independence; Paul Cullen named first Irish cardinal

1870 Dissolution of the Papal States; Pope Pio Nono confined to Vatican

1929 Vatican City State established by Lateran Treaty

1932 Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany

1939 Death of Pope Pius XI six months before start of World War II